About Us

Our Mission

As our namesake suggests, we are committed to contributing to the evolution of digital marketing practices by providing guidance on the process of creating and launching digital products and campaigns. Our focus is on the big picture and all of the tools, techniques, and best practices used in effective, modern marketing.

Our “Why”

Our tagline is: “The Advocate for Quality Marketing.” Our inspiration comes from the desire to see massive changes in the way digital marketing is conducted, particularly in the Make Money Online niche. Far too many people turn to making money online without a serious plan or adequate resources. As a result, many people fail in their first year, or worse, drudge on year after year with no meaningful gains.

Guidance from an experienced mentor is one of the fastest ways to develop a plan. However, experts command huge sums of money for mentorship or they break the complete picture into smaller chunks that might be more affordable, but are almost impossible to use effectively.

Marketing ReVamped seeks to remove the fog of war from the digital marketing industry. By removing the fog, aspiring digital marketers will be able to develop and execute an effective plan - avoiding the puzzle pieces and shiny objects.

Our Promise

Marketing ReVamped’s source of content is our experience executing and revising marketing campaigns and strategies. We’ll bring you our successes and failures in real-time. We’ll also focus on showcasing the tools and services we use in the development of our digital empire.

It’s important to note that Marketing ReVamped must operate at a profit. We intend to monetize this site and it’s related social media accounts through a combination of affiliate marketing, private consultations, and agency work. See Disclosures for complete details.

Our promise to you as a subscriber is that we will maintain the highest integrity in our coverage of third-party tools and services. We will not accept payment for posting positive content on our site and social media accounts. (This means that we can’t be paid to make a review and post it. It does not apply to earning affiliate commissions should you decide to purchase a product or service through our link. See Disclosures.)

You can rest assured that all content on our site is here on its own merits and not because some third party paid us to place it here.