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How to systematize your content for maximum category fulfillment.

Jeff Caravantes
March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020

On April 3, 2019, I announced Marketing ReVamped was my latest project. I knew that a lot of work would be required to make the site a success. First, I really needed to master the site building tool that I wanted to use to build my site. I got a little schooling with Webflow and then set out to build my first Webflow-based site – (my company’s website). That was done by July and from there I needed to design and build After a few months, I was finally able to begin putting content on

FYI, one of the biggest challenges in my business has been to enjoy my personal life while building my business. That’s caused the longest delays in my growth. It would have been a lot easier if I had a partner in it. If you’re in the same boat, and you like what we do, consider working with us. Submit a ticket to our Helpdesk and we’ll set up a meeting. Click HERE.

How the categories were initially filled

My goal was to have 5 categories with at least 3 articles in each by the launch date. Of course, I would continue to add articles as the blog matures; however, I wanted to make sure that the site looked healthy and sustainable before making everything public. I initially started the site with a temporary nav bar/menu, footer, and a homepage that was a simple landing page. When I posted an article, the only real way to find the page was to have the link, which I would share via social media. (I also planned to share the links via my autoresponder, but to be frank, I ignored it during the initial stage.)

As you may know, Marketing ReVamped is a very meta site – I show you what I’m doing with my business in real time. When I started producing content, I simply determined what my next step was and created a video post about it. The first post was about connecting an autoresponder to my site since that was the next step in my business at the time I was ready to begin documenting. As the next process came up, I made a post about it.

The result of documenting my process in real time was that I tended to create posts that favored one category more so than the others. (Production and Strategy seem to be my favorites.) I’d say that my business was focused more on the favored categories at the time, so it made since. After a few posts, I realized that I needed to get a serious strategy for filling all of the categories evenly prior to launching.

Keeping track with Asana

I REALLY LIKE Asana. It’s my go-to for planning my daily actions, tracking my projects, and staying on task. In this case, I have an entire project dedicated to Marketing ReVamped. I keep track of all of my post creation, ideas for future posts, and other important tasks for this site.

As the deadline for launch became closer, I finally decided to create a task to track how my categories were being filled. This made it so much clearer to me that I was favoring two categories over the others. This clarity has allowed me to develop a plan to add posts in a more strategic manner than simply what’s next in my business.

Go with what you’ve got

Even though I only had 8 articles done by the time my deadline arrived, I decided that I was going to launch anyway. The site itself was finished in November 2019. While I had some time to create 15 quality articles, the variety of the categories would not necessarily line up with my business activities. I would have had to create articles that do not show what’s currently going on in my business just to fill the categories. Not at all what Marketing ReVamped is about!

I committed to launching on March 2, 2020 and that’s what happened. This site has been fully opened on that date because waiting would only be a waste of time. It’s clear to me that waiting for things to be perfect is impossible. If I wait until I have everything in place, it will be too late or out of touch.

Even though I wanted my 15 articles to make the site look healthy, I think the content thus far speaks for itself. Now I just have to keep adding regularly!

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Jeff Caravantes

Jeff Caravantes is the Founder of Jupiter Strategies LLC and creator of Marketing ReVamped. He has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, including the highly successful launch of the video marketing training course, Screen Profits. Follow Jeff to keep up with the latest trends in Digital Marketing!