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Posting content is fast and easy with Webflow and YouTube.

It doesn’t take me much time to post my latest post on MarketingRevamped.com or on my YouTube channel. The entire process for posting is mostly drag and drop, cut and paste. And frankly, the majority of the time it takes is spent waiting on the video to upload to Amazon S3 and YouTube. (Yes, I upload the video to S3and YouTube. I’ll explain why in a little bit.) If you want to learn how you too can enjoy the process of bringing your finished content online, then read on.

Amazon S3 – One of the best deals online

The “S3” in Amazon S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. As the name suggests, it’s an easy way for you to store your digital files online.You can easily use S3 to store your and deliver it in many cases. There are incredibly strong privacy controls in place to ensure that no unauthorized parties can view your content without your express permission. (Permission which you can grant by establishing bucket permissions.) Using S3 as a location to backup your hard drive (at least the files for your posts) is definitely a good idea.

It’s also extremely affordable. I store an enormous amount of video, images, and other files in S3. I have no clue how many hours or gigabytes of video I have, but I’d bet it’s at least 100 Gigs to be on the safeside. And these videos can be viewed at any given time by anyone on MarketingRevamped.com or ScreenProfits.com. My monthly bill for all of this storage is a measly $0.77. That’s right, my monthly bill is less than a $1 per month. (Obviously, prices are subject to change. And if I have a ton of viewership like I did when ScreenProfits.com was first launched, then it’s higher; I think $67 and change for that month only. I had 15,000 views on the sales page, so that’s why it was that high.)

How I get the most from S3

I typically use Amazon S3 for backup. Also, my current choice for video players, Monkey Playr, is dependent on video being hosted in either YouTube or S3. (I don’t see why you’d want to host the video in YouTube if you have Monkey Playr.) I use S3 to store the video file and the splash image with Monkey Playr being the tool of choice to display them. I also save my written posts and all images that I’m going to use on the site and social media. Inevitably my hard drive will fill up and it’s nice to know that I have all the files backed up in case something happens to my website or YouTube channel.

When I begin posting, one of my first priorities is uploading my images and video files to S3 and it should be yours as well.

YouTube Uploading

As a video-centric marketer, I like to make my videos as viewable as possible. That means uploading them to YouTube in addition to using Monkey Playr. It’s not too much more effort to upload to YouTube as my own site– it merely takes additional upload time for obvious reasons.

When making the social media images for my latest post, I’ll also make a YouTube thumbnail. I use Canva for my social media images. It’s very easy to use as I demonstrate in this post. When the video is fully uploaded to YouTube, the uploader will suggest thumbnails for the video based on images it’s pulled from the video. Some are decent suggestions, but I prefer to have full control over the design of the image, so I produce it myself and upload it when I’m uploading the video.

I’ll also have a customized description for the video with plenty of links back to my site(s). The description is designed to both explain why the visitor should watch the video and provide avenues for both traffic to my site as well as improving the search results for the video itself on YouTube.


Here’s an example of my YouTube description for this post:

Uploading your hard work doesn’t have to be difficult. In this video, I’ll show you my process for uploading my latest post to YouTube and MarketingReVamped.com. You’ll see the EXACT method I use for creating posts fast with #Webflow. I’ll also promote my content for FREE using the simple system I set up once a while ago. Setting yourself up properly is the key to quickly distributing content online… so pay close attention!

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Webflow is my preferred site builder

Both JupiterStrategiesLLC.com and MarketingReVamped.com are built on Webflow. Webflow is a “No Code”tool for building responsive websites. You can build pretty much any type of website you want with Webflow as it provides all of the benefits of manually coded websites without writing a single line of code. (Though you do have the option to embed code where needed.) Webflow has a powerful designer that is a User Interface that allows you to generate the code you need for your web designs.

You need a CMS regardless of whether you use Webflow

As you may know, WordPress is the most popular blogging platforms out there. The posts are uploaded into the Content Management System(CMS) portion of the WordPress site. The blog post page is designed once, andthe CMS inserts the main article, images, videos, and other media into the post. This results in a “dynamic” page that contains all of the content for that particular article. The page also has its own ULR or slug that is generated automatically (but can be overridden).

One of my favorite features of Webflow is the CMS. Once I designed the Blog Post Page, all I have to do is upload the content and it will be added to a new page that has been set up identically to all of the other blog posts. No need to clone an existing page or make anything new. You can see the upload process in the video above starting around the 10-minute mark.

An increasingly powerful alternative to WordPress

Webflow has been around for about 4 or 5 years. I’ve only been working with it since mid-2019. In comparison, I’ve used WordPress sites since 2014, often pairing OptimizePress 2.0 with them. (Yes, I’m aware there is a 3.0 version. I’m going to give it a try in the future.) Webflow is becoming increasingly powerful in terms of features that WordPress enables through the Plugin system. However, if you are used to WordPress plugins to enable extra features on your site, for a little while longer, you may prefer to use WordPress over Webflow.

That being said, you have two options to make a Webflow-designed site work on WordPress. The first option is to use Udesly to convert your Webflow site into a WordPress theme. The other option is to use the Webflow Plugin which will let you design your site in Webflow and then transfer the code to your WordPress site via an API key. Either one of these options may suit you if you are dead-set on using WordPress to host and provide other benefits.

Word to the wise: Keep up with Webflow because I think they’re going to take over in the next few years! 

Setting yourself up for success

I don’t spend too much time uploading my content to YouTube,social media, and MarketingReVamped.com mostly because I’ve built a system around it. The longest portion of uploading is waiting for the videos to upload to Amazon S3 and YouTube. I can certainly do other things while waiting, as you can see in the video above. Having the process on lock-down makes posting mycontent super easy and it will do the same for you.

If you would like some assistance in setting up your own blog, please let us know by contacting our Support Desk.We’d be pleased to provide the help you need at a fair price.

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