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Marketing ReVamped is now FULLY published!

On April 3, 2019, I announced that I was working on creating a website where aspiring and established digital marketers could go to learn about the process of digital marketing. I declared on that day that I would be launching as a generally free resource that would teach the entire process of digital marketing. Its main goal being to eliminate the fog of war that surrounds the process – subsequently draining the newbie’s bank account in the process.

It was a long journey to get to the point where I felt comfortable launching this blog site. I needed to grow my skill set at using one of my favorite web development tools, Webflow.To be blunt, I used a template to start this site even though I managed to build my company’s website without one. (Check out It was a pain in the ass and I probably will never use a template again, but alas, the day has come to release the full version.

FYI, I made a video explaining how and why I created a special version of the posts. I didn’t want show pages that had no posts while my site only had a handful. The last thing I wanted was someone thinking that my site wasn’t ready or that it would die off in a matter of weeks. You can watch how I developed the site HERE.

Ready for launch

I chose the launch date for the site on November 11, 2019. The development of the site itself took a lot longer than anticipated – in part due to using a template with a structure that I wasn’t familiar with. So I decided to set a date and stick to it.

My goal was to have 3 articles per category by the launch date. Including this post, there’s 8 total and some categories are empty. Nevertheless, I’m no longer the kind of person that waits until everything is perfect before taking action. I set a goal and go for it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I can always adjust my behaviors and choices when setting my next goal to be more successful.

Iterative Process

One thing that working on this blog has taught me is that it’s an iterative process. I’ll make a rough draft and then make adjustments. I’ll then publish what I’ve got and a day or two later, go back and make additional adjustments. Building this blog has helped me focus on taking action and doing what you can do, knowing that you’re going to enhance it (or fix it) the next day.

Time to earn

Marketing ReVamped naturally has operating expenses. Jupiter Strategies LLC, the owner of Marketing ReVamped, is the only source of funding for the expenses. It’s important to understand that Marketing ReVamped cannot operate at a loss. Therefore, I’ve decided to monetize the site in two ways.

The first way is that Jupiter Strategies LLC (or me on behalf of Jupiter Strategies LLC) may be an affiliate for a product that we link to in our post (or mention in a video). Jupiter Strategies LLC will receive any commissions earned through affiliate links on this site, its videos, and/or through YouTube description links. This will help keep the site up as it is not being operated as a hobby!

The second pathway is through done-for-you services, agency work, and consulting fees. If you are inspired by what you see on the site and want to work with us, we’d be delighted. You can reach out to us via our HELPDESK.

A full disclosure statement about how we earn money and our policies regarding our earnings is located at I highly recommend you read it if you have any questions or concerns about how the site is being monetized. (I think I do a good job of explaining it in the video above as well!)

The Advocate for Quality Marketing

I’m glad to have your support for As you’ll see in time, it’s going to be a very meta place… everything that I’m showing you via video and post, I’m doing at the moment in my business. This site isn’t full of 3-year-old tactics being released as the latest discoveries. What you see is what’s going on right now. And more importantly, why I'm doing what I'm doing at the moment.

As time goes on, my tactics, techniques, and product recommendations may change. I’m committed to learning and discovering, so it would make since if I learn to build a better mousetrap. You should expect to learn with me and I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the changes over time… and what stays the same of course!

I really appreciate your time and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

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Jeff Caravantes

Jeff Caravantes is the Founder of Jupiter Strategies LLC and creator of Marketing ReVamped. He has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, including the highly successful launch of the video marketing training course, Screen Profits. Follow Jeff to keep up with the latest trends in Digital Marketing!